Hi, Hello

I've written several introductions, and if these digital pages where real, I'd have a wastebasket full of crumbled paper. At least the pressure of paper waste is off the table. In all seriousness, I find this first blog to be a bit of a nail-biter. Who am I? What is my purpose and intention for writing a blog? When I initially sat down to illustrate my first blog post (minus words) the image below manifested itself. So maybe that's the starting point, the snail inching forward. I've admired many an artist blogger, but like the snail I find myself alone moving and lacking explanation. I've just recently arrived at feeling comfortable with the artist title, but articulating how or why artistic expression is essential to my identity ends in a question mark for me. Which brings me a little closer to the purpose of this blog. I need to carve out my own voice. I want to share the falters and achievements of my own artistic endeavors, and ultimately I need to believe that we all create with intention. That unlike the snail, we are not alone, shouting into the void, unaware of the world around us. Art is the visual media that shows the whole spectrum of human emotions, it has the capacity to manipulate time, and shine light on a world full of endless mystery.