Hi, Hello

So for everyone who doesn’t know (which is most everyone), I have a history with art, but no official degree. Working with my husband and mentor in stop-motion animation, I threw myself into the deep-end, and have become the lead asset fabricator for our company Paper Brain Productions. Depending on the project, style, application, my technique varies in the fabrication process. This constant flux really spurs artistic growth while simultaneously solidifying my “own hand”. In my own work I’ve cultivated a style with flat perspective. I tend to draw on planes instead of a realistic vantage point. For me, this non-perspective creates it’s own subtle exaggeration. When creating paper assets or models for our company this flat semi-primitive look gives the world a very textured reality. I could basically go on and on, but through the examples of my work here and through more blog posts you can better understand my process and aesthetic. This blog will also be where I share the inner struggles and successes I've experience as an artist. 

So hi, hello, thanks for reading, write more soon (maybe with less commas, but no promises). 

Animation reel...

Soon I'll have a more fabrication-specific reel put together, but in the meantime, you can see the productions I've lent my background design/asset fabrication skills to.  Even though I specialize in paper props and backgrounds, I've also used clay, wood, cardboard, and any repurposed items I could get my hands on to create miniature worlds for projects ranging from kids programming to commercial animations.